Inappropriate Messages in Workplace Communication Channel

Many people are working remotely right now because of the pandemic, but regardless of whether you are working from home permanently, temporarily, or if you are in the office, sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing problem.

If you are working from home, you most likely have a new communication platform. Sexual harassment can take place via the messages sent through this platform.

Sexual Harassment in Communication Platform

Many workplaces are using a different communication platform for employee meetings or discussions. These platforms may include video conferences or instant messaging.

Sexual harassment can take place through these platforms by individuals sending unwanted advances or messages requesting inappropriate favors. Offensive images and inappropriate jokes can also take place via messages.

During a video call or conference, inappropriate comments can be made, or there can be requests made for favors. Even during a video call an individual can make inappropriate gestures or send offensive images, including nude photos.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment through your workplace communication platform, you should gather as much evidence as possible to pursue a claim against your employer.

You should get screenshots of any inappropriate images or messages and print out copies of anything that you can. Also, ask any witnesses to provide statements.

There could have been witnesses to comments made or things done during conferences via Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing platforms. The more evidence that you have that will support your claim, the more likely you are to prevail against your employer.

You will need to prove that the harassment was not a one-time event, but an ongoing problem. You must prove that the sexual harassment created a hostile work environment that made you feel uncomfortable.

If a hostile work environment is proven, then you will win your case against your employer and you will prove that you were a victim of illegal actions from your manager or coworker. Your employer has a responsibility to make sure any such behavior is put to a stop right away.

What To Do If You Are Receiving Inappropriate Messages In Work Communications Channels

If you are receiving inappropriate messages in your work communication, be sure to save them. Even if that means getting a screenshot of what was posted or said.

You will need to maintain a file of evidence against your employer. You should immediately ask the other individual to stop making inappropriate comments or sending you the offensive images.

You should gather the supporting evidence and file a claim with your employer. Your employee handbook should tell you the proper protocol for pursuing a claim within your place of employment.

You will need to follow those protocol. Usually, you file the notice of a claim with your supervisor or with the human resources (HR) department.

You should document your employer’s response to your complaint. Be sure to make note of everything and document their response. If the issue is not resolved, you will then file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC handles discrimination and harassment claims for employees at no charge. They will work to resolve the issue.

If they cannot get the matter resolved, or if they find a pattern of illegal behavior within your place of employment, they will recommend that you file a lawsuit against your employer.

Through this lawsuit, you can ask to recover compensation for your damages you suffered because of the sexual harassment you endured.

An employment law attorney can help you maneuver the claims process and gather supporting documentation and evidence to help you get your claim on track and prevail.

Your damages may include loss of earnings, missed work, medical costs, mental anguish, and any other economic losses you suffered because of the sexual harassment you suffered while on the job.

Help With Your Claim

Because of the complexity of workplace sexual harassment claims, you should enlist the help of a legal professional. An employment law attorney will be familiar with all the applicable laws and will work to get the matter resolved.

When you speak with an employment law attorney, go over their payment options. Some employment law attorneys require a retainer and charge an hourly rate, but there are workplace sexual harassment lawyers who take cases on a contingency basis. You do have limited time to pursue a sexual harassment claim.

It is imperative that you file your claim as quickly as possible, so complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page today.

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