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Have you been wrongfully terminated? Do you believe that your supervisor or colleagues are harassing you? Are you waiting on unpaid wages? If so, you may have an employment law claim. Employment lawsuits hold employers and managers responsible for illegal actions taken against their employees.

Standing up against an employer is always difficult, but you could be entitled to thousands if you have been mistreated. An employment law attorney may be able to help. Many types of claims fall under the “employment law” umbrella, including:

  • Discrimination based on age, race, gender, disability, and more
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Retaliation/whistleblower claims
  • Severance package disputes
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unemployment benefit claims
  • Wage disputes
  • Wrongful termination due to any cause

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Speak With An Independent Attorney

For many people, the first step of filing a successful employment law claim is connecting with an attorney. Employment law attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay any legal fees unless you win. Employment law lawyers may also factor their legal fees into your settlement, so you may not have to pay a penny out of pocket if your employer is on the hook for the settlement.

Whether you work for a company of 5 employees or 500, you should consider consulting with an employment law attorney before pursuing a claim. Fill out our Free Employment Law Evaluation above to connect with an independent employment law attorney who handles cases in your area. With the help of an attorney, you can determine if you have a pursuable employment claim and how much you may be entitled to.