Wrongful Termination by State


Being terminated from a job is never a pleasant experience.  Wrongful termination is to be fired illegally, usually in violation of discrimination state laws or contractual breach. For example, an employee cannot be terminated based on their race, religion, age, disability, or gender.  There is no federal law against wrongful termination, therefore laws on wrongful termination will vary by state, with some states not recognizing a separate legal claim for wrongful termination at all.

What to Do If You Believe You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

It is helpful to gather evidence to help your wrongful termination case. Documents such as performance evaluations and a timeline of events can help prove your case. Even a statement from a witness or a clear indication of your employer violating a company policy can increase your chances of winning your case. Employment law issues can cause extreme distress and can affect productivity on the job. If you are being harassed at work, or dealing with any other employment issue, consider talking to an employment lawyer.

Fill Out an Evaluation Form

If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated, it would be wise for you to contact an employment attorney and also seek unemployment benefits. If you have been fired or a reason that is protected under the law, you may be titled to compensation. Below is a list of ways to deal with wrongful termination in your state: