Different Types of Harassment

If you're being harassed at work, tell the harasser to stop. In certain instances, this may be enough to deter the actions. If this does not succeed, file a lawsuit using the company's internal complaint process. You should do this in writing and keep a copy of the complaint along with the record of all incidents of sexual harassment. If discrimination is unlawful and your boss does not respond adequately to your complaint, you should speak to a licensed attorney.

Although there are definitely still clear forms of sexual harassment at work, more discreet forms of sexual harassment are on the increasing. For example, any of the following acts may be sexual harassment if they occur frequently enough or are serious enough to make an employee uncomfortable, threatened or distracted enough to disrupt with their work such as repeated comments on the appearance of the employee.

Traditionally, as people think about sexual harassment, they imagine a man harassing a woman. Although this is perhaps the most common case, there have been a number of cases of women harassing men. Same-sex harassment of a man against a man or a woman against a woman is also illegal.