New Hampshire Employment Law Attorney

Both state and federal employment laws prohibit your employer from engaging in certain workplace practices. From sexually harassing a worker to an attempt to break up a legally formed union, employers that break the law should be held accountable by a New Hampshire employment law attorney. If your employer has violated an employment law, a New Hampshire employment law lawyer can help you file a claim to recover just compensation for any losses you have suffered because of illegal workplace activities. The key factor in hiring an attorney is learning how to navigate the judicial system by filing a lawsuit or going to mediation for a resolution to your claim.

What Does a New Hampshire Employment Law Lawyer Do?

An employment attorney explains the rights you have that include filing a New Hampshire employment law claim. Filing a claim requires the submission of persuasive evidence, which a lawyer can help you collect and organize in a timely manner. Since employment law claims must be submitted before the statute of limitations, an attorney closely monitors the evidence gathering and organization process to ensure a claim gets filed before the deadline established by state law.

Employment lawyers have to decide whether to file an employment law claim with the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights (NHCHR) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Where you file a claim matters because New Hampshire law typically applies stricter guidelines to forbidding workplace violations of the law. For example, the NHCHR enforces employment discrimination laws against employers that have a minimum of six employees. Contrast that with the EEOC covering employers that have at least 15 employees on staff.

Hiring an employment law attorney in New Hampshire gives you more legal firepower to litigate a claim in front of a civil court judge. A New Hampshire employment law attorney argues your claim to get you just compensation for a wide variety of monetary expenses.

Your lawyer might get you one or more of the following types of just compensation:

  • Back pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Benefits such as health insurance
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

What Types of Claims Does a New Hampshire Employment Law Attorney Handle?

Filing a New Hampshire employment law claim addresses one or more workplace violations. You might have experienced a violation of your privacy rights or faced blatant discrimination that led to the denial of a promotion.

Here are some other reasons why employees file New Hampshire employment law claims:

  • Wage theft
  • Unsafe workplace
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation
  • Workers’ compensation

With just a couple of exceptions, New Hampshire requires all employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees against the ramifications of work-related injuries. The exceptions to the coverage rule are partnerships, sole proprietorships, and limited liability companies that have fewer than three executive members. State law also requires employers to post a certificate of workers’ comp insurance in a high-traffic area of a business.

New Hampshire workers’ compensation insurance covers the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Treatments
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Ongoing care
  • Death benefits

How Much Does an Employment Law Attorney in New Hampshire Cost?

New Hampshire employment law lawyers can charge clients by the hour or on a contingency fee basis that results in a fixed rate for legal services. Hourly costs for a New Hampshire employment law attorney can run between $200 and $1,000 per hour, depending on the legal complexity of a claim. Working with a New Hampshire employment law lawyer that charges by the hour might make sense if you need just one legal issue handled.

Otherwise, an employment attorney in Hew Hampshire that charges on a contingency fee basis is the way to go. You do not have to pay upfront fees, and your lawyer should be highly motivated to help you win just compensation for employment law violations. The average rate for a contingency fee arrangement in New Hampshire is $300.

How Do I Find an Employment Law Attorney in New Hampshire?

 You can review the legal credentials of each attorney listed in the database, which gives you the foundation for conducting additional research. You will want to work with an attorney who specializes in the type of employment law that covers your claim. For example, if your employer discriminated against you, you should work with a New Hampshire employment law lawyer who specializes in filing workplace discrimination claims.

Most employment law lawyers in New Hampshire schedule free case evaluations with prospective clients to determine how to proceed with a claim.

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