What Happens If You Were Told an Inappropriate Joke At Work

Sexual discrimination comes in many forms. It can vary from inappropriate comments to unwanted advances to being shown sexual images or receiving inappropriate texts and emails. It could also come in the form of inappropriate jokes.

If you have been told an inappropriate joke at work, it could have been sexual harassment. You may be able to pursue a claim against your employer for the violation.

You will need to be able to prove your case, so maintain thorough records and documentation to show that the sexual harassment took place and that you filed a claim with your employer to tell them that this was a problem. Always document and maintain supporting evidence for any sexual harassment claims. Recordkeeping is a necessity.

What To Do If You Have Been Told Inappropriate Jokes At Work

If you were working and a manager or a co-worker told you an inappropriate joke, or even a customer made these inappropriate remarks, you should tell them to stop immediately. Let them know this is inappropriate and you don’t appreciate it. You should then report the incident to your employer, so they can properly address the matter.

You should document all the details of the incident. This means write down the date, time, and location where the joke was told, who told the joke, and the specifics of the joke. Be sure to write down the names of anyone else who was present and ask them to provide written statements regarding what happened if they are willing to do so. If the claim should advance, they can be subpoenaed and at that point, they will be required to testify regarding what they heard and saw.

Just because you were told an inappropriate joke it doesn’t mean that it would be considered sexual harassment. There are several factors that will come into play when the court is determining whether sexual harassment took place. If there is a print or digital copy of the joke, then you should make sure you keep a copy of it to use as evidence.

Determining If the Inappropriate Joke is Considered Sexual Harassment

If you have been told an inappropriate joke at work, it may not automatically be classified as sexual harassment. For it to be sexual harassment, there must be a recurring problem.

How your employer responds to your complaint is important. If they fail to take any action or neglect to address the problem, then you have solid grounds for a sexual harassment case against them.

If the incident recurs after you have filed a complaint, then you will need to go back to your employer and report it to them that the problem wasn’t resolved. They should then address the issue again and acknowledge that the problem wasn’t resolved with the first effort. If the problem continues and was not corrected, then you should enlist the help of a sexual harassment attorney who handles such cases in your area.

Speak With a Sexual Harassment Attorney

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace – specifically by someone telling inappropriate jokes – you should enlist the help of an employment law attorney who handles sexual harassment cases pertaining to workplace incidents.

When you consult with a lawyer, you should go over the attorney fees. Some lawyers will take such cases on a contingency basis, and if that is the case, then you will not pay until your claim is won and you recover compensation for your damages.

When you pursue a sexual harassment claim, you will recover compensation for your damages. You can also protect others from suffering the same mistreatment and inappropriate actions that you suffered from.

Be sure to maintain thorough documentation and supporting evidence for your claim, so you can prove what happened, how it happened, and if the matter was properly addressed. With the help of an attorney, you are much more likely to get your claim on the right track and recover compensation for the damages that you have suffered because of the sexual harassment.

Don’t delay getting the legal guidance that you need for a sexual harassment claim against your employer because inappropriate jokes were told to you at work. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to share the details of your claim with an attorney in your area who can determine the best way to proceed with a claim against your employer.

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