Employment Discrimination Sample Letter

Do you believe you have experienced an illegal form of employment discrimination? If so, you may need to file a claim or lawsuit to remedy the issue. An employment discrimination attorney can inform you of your rights in these circumstances.

However, before taking legal action, you should attempt to address your concerns internally. You can start this process by sending a formal employment discrimination letter to your employer’s HR department. This guide will help you craft such a letter.

What To Include In A Discrimination Letter 

The specific details of a discrimination letter will vary depending on the exact nature of an employee’s experiences. Generally, though, your letter should follow this format:

  • Introduction: Begin with a clear and professional subject line. In the first paragraph, explain who you are, what your role is at the company, and why you are contacting HR.
  • Body: The body of the letter should focus on descriptions of the experiences you’ve endured that you believe qualify as illegal discrimination. Maintain a professional tone throughout the letter. Your goal here is to describe your experiences thoroughly and honestly without becoming too emotional.
  • Conclusion: End your letter by suggesting potential next steps. It is vital that your requests be reasonable. For example, you cannot demand that the company immediately fires someone, but you can request a meeting or an investigation.

Sample Discrimination Letter 

Dear [HR representative’s name]

Thank you for reading this letter. My name is [your name], and I am [describe your role at the company]. I’m writing because I believe I have been the target of discrimination in the workplace. The following overview highlights some of the experiences I have dealt with in recent months:

  • Despite being a strong employee who routinely completes projects ahead of schedule and earns the praise of our clients, my supervisor has consistently passed me over for promotions, giving them to employees who lack my qualifications, experience, and proven track record of success.
  • I have overheard derogatory remarks from my coworkers on several occasions. Although I have brought up my concerns to my supervisor, they have yet to take any action to address the issue.
  • My supervisor frequently excludes me from training sessions and professional development opportunities by requiring me to work on time-consuming projects that prevent me from attending these sessions.

I would like the opportunity to meet with HR to discuss these matters more thoroughly. If you like, I can gather and provide supporting documentation. Thank you again for reading this, and please let me know how we may proceed.


[Your Name]

Get Help With Your Discrimination Claim 

Although HR departments don’t always sufficiently address workplace discrimination, you must file an official complaint to ensure there is documentation of your concerns. This guide can help you with the vital first step of sending a letter outlining your experiences.

Next, it may be wise to meet with an employment attorney. They can help you better understand whether you should take legal action. Get started today by completing the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected and speak with a lawyer handling cases in your area. 

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