New California Employment Laws For 2023

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California employment laws are stronger than the laws protecting workers in many other states, and they’re about to get stronger. Starting in January of 2023 new employment laws in California will shore up the rights of workers.

California is one of only a handful of states that have passed comprehensive worker’s rights laws to make sure that workers are treated fairly by employers. The new labor laws taking effect in January that workers in California should know about are:

Fast Food Industry Regulation

The Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act will protect the most vulnerable fast food workers and give them a bigger voice in imposing regulations that impact workers in the fast food industry. Under this new law a fast food council will be created to monitor working conditions and adherence to laws.

The council can enforce regulations to protect fast food workers. Fast food workers have needed more workplace protections and this council should be able to help enforce existing laws while lobbying for new laws to protect vulnerable workers.

Reproductive Health

There are two laws dealing with reproductive health that will go into effect in January. One of the laws requires that any religious business that offers insurance to their employees must provide information about free abortion services and contraceptives to all of their employees.

The other prohibits criminal or civil action based on pregnancy outcome or criminal or civil action for helping someone exercise their reproductive rights.

That means that your employer can’t threaten you with criminal or civil action if you exercise your legal reproductive rights. And your employer can’t threaten you with criminal or civil action for helping someone else exercise their legal reproductive rights.

Bathroom Accommodations

No employees should ever be denied reasonable bathroom breaks, but some businesses do restrict bathroom use to employees. That can make things difficult for both customers and employees who have to tell customers they can’t use the bathrooms even if they need to.

Under the new law in California all businesses must allow individuals with urgent and specific GI conditions to use employee bathrooms if they need to.

Protected Time Off

Time off is not a luxury for employees in California. New labor laws in California say that employers can’t retaliate against employees for not coming to work during a state of emergency.

If there is a fire, flood, massive storm, power outage, or other state of emergency no employees should have to choose between saving their homes or making sure their families are safe or keeping their jobs. Employers can’t threaten to fire employees who can’t come to work during a state of emergency.

Get Help With Your Employment Law Claim

Employees have rights that employers must abide by. And employers can’t retaliate, fire, or harass workers for exercising their rights. If you’ve been the victim of illegal action or discrimination by an employer contact an employment law specialist today.

A free case evaluation will give you personalized advice on how you can hold your employer accountable and collect any money that you are owed.

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