Disability Discrimination Sample Letter

If you are about to file a complaint for disability discrimination, the best way to do it is by letter so the message can be clearly understood. There are certain ways a letter should be written so that it has an effect that encourages action to be taken.

This is How a Complaint Letter Should Be Laid Out:

1.  The subject line should be clearly written, e.g. “Official Complaint

      of Disability Discrimination.”

2.  Tips for the body of the email:

  • All the facts should be written clearly;
  • There shouldn’t be any sugarcoating;
  • The date, time and location of the discrimination should be mentioned at the start of the letter;
  • The details of the discrimination should come next;
  • If there are any useful witnesses to the discrimination their name and contact details should be in the letter.

Example of a Disability Discrimination Letter

Dear Manager /Supervisor: 

I am currently employed as a computer operator at your company. This is a formal letter of complaint for disability discrimination that I have experienced while working for your company. I formally request that you investigate my allegations and take appropriate action to stop this happening now and into the future. The harasser is (name).  The following are the events that I believe constitute discrimination:

On (date) (Harasser’s name) approached me at the afternoon break in the kitchen and told me that my disability prevented me from doing the job that I have been paid to do.

On (date) (Harasser’s name) later informed me that however hard I tried to negotiate for accommodations for my disability I was never going to win and the only way I could expect to keep my job was to keep up with fellow work colleagues who did not have the same disability as I had.

On (date), I said I wished to apply for a promotion. (Harasser’s name) told me there was no way I was ever going to get promotion with my type of disability. In fact, s/he went on to say that the company was on the look-out for new blood and my disability would no longer be appropriate for these newly defined positions.

On (date) (Harasser’s name) went to my supervisor after several attempts at showing I couldn’t compete for jobs in the company with my disability and told me that I should call him a master just like my parents called their boss several decades ago. He went on to say that if I didn’t I was breaching employee/ supervisor protocols and I would be reported to the company boss for the way I had behaved.

It is clear that I have not only been discriminated due to my disability but I have also been told to be subservient to my supervisor without any clear reason for doing so. I intend to file a disability discrimination claim based on the way I have been treated and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you so we could discuss this situation and how it can be addressed. 

Thank you.

(Your name)

How an Employment Lawyer Can Help

Filing a complaint about the way you have been treated at work due to your disability is not an easy thing to do. However, filing a complaint not only helps you to regain your self-respect but it helps others to overcome disability discrimination too.

If you decide to get help from an employment lawyer, they can assist you in seeking compensation on your behalf if your employer has discriminated against you solely due to your disability. Complete the Free Case Evaluation today.

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