Religious Discrimination Sample Letter

Workplace religious discrimination is illegal in the United States. If you believe you have experienced discrimination based on your religion, you can begin addressing these issues by sending a formal religious discrimination letter to HR.

This guide will help. It explains what general information to include in such a letter and provides a sample religious discrimination letter to help begin drafting your own.

That said, it is worth noting that HR departments don’t always remedy these matters sufficiently. As such, you might need to consult with an attorney to learn more about your legal options if HR doesn’t take the proper action(s).

What To Include In A Religious Discrimination Letter 

The general format for a workplace religious discrimination letter is as follows:

  • Introduction: Begin with a clear subject line that explains why you are contacting HR. Next, state your name and your role at the company. Explain that you are writing to begin the process of officially filing an internal religious discrimination complaint.
  • Body: During the body of your letter, you will explain the specific experiences you’ve had that you believe qualify as illegal discrimination on the grounds of religion. While you can explain the way said discrimination has negatively impacted your mental and emotional wellness, resist the urge to become too angry when writing this section. Your goal is to strike a professional tone and thoroughly explain what you have experienced and who was involved.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion of your religious discrimination letter, explain what you believe might constitute proper next steps. For example, you may ask to meet with HR to discuss the matter more thoroughly, or you might request that HR begin a formal investigation. Remember, it’s important to remain professional and to not make unreasonable demands at this stage.

Sample Religious Discrimination Letter 

Dear [name of HR representative],

My name is [your name]. I am [describe your role at the company]. I’m writing because I believe I have been the target of illegal religious discrimination.

The following are specific examples of mistreatment I have experienced:

  • Despite explaining to my supervisor and coworkers that my faith requires me to wear my headscarf, they have repeatedly demanded that I remove it. They have not provided a reasonable explanation as to why I should remove this significant religious garment.
  • I have overheard coworkers discussing their objections to my religion and using derogatory language.
  • I have reason to believe my supervisor passed me over for a promotion, giving it to a colleague who is less qualified.

I would like to meet with HR to discuss my concerns in greater detail. In the meantime, if you have any questions for me or would like me to gather any supporting documentation, please let me know.


[Your Name]

Get Help With Your Discrimination Claim

Again, while sending a formal religious discrimination letter to HR is an important step to take, it does not guarantee that HR will remedy the issue. For more information about your legal options in these circumstances, complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected and speak with an employment attorney who takes cases in your area. 

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