Evidence To Prove Transgender And Gender Identity Discrimination In The Workplace

If you have experienced workplace discrimination because of your gender identity or sexual orientation, you may be able to pursue a claim against your employer. You will need evidence to prove you suffered this discrimination.

Without supporting evidence, your gender identity discrimination claim will not succeed. Here is a closer look at how you can have a successful transgender and gender identity workplace discrimination claim.

Evidence To Include With Your Claim

If you have suffered workplace transgender and gender identity discrimination, you will need to gather all the evidence that you can to support your claim. This means videos, text messages, emails, photos, statements from witnesses, and any notes or other correspondence.

Ask any witnesses to provide statements regarding what they saw and heard as well as when it happened.

Without supporting evidence, your claim will not succeed. The more documentation and evidence that shows you suffered the gender identity or sexual orientation discrimination and what damages you suffered because of the actions of the employer.

The more evidence that you can provide, the more likely you are to prevail. Also, if you can show that your employer has a pattern of this behavior, it can be beneficial to your claim as well.

Where To Submit Evidence

You will start by notifying your employer of the allegations. You will want to provide copies of the evidence as well. You will then file the claim with the appropriate state agency or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A claim with the EEOC can be filed over the phone, online, or in person after an appointment has been scheduled.

If there are applicable state laws, then the state agency and the EEOC may have a work-share agreement. That means that they will share information, and both will investigate the incident together. If your state has laws prohibiting this discrimination, then let the office you file a claim with know that you want them to share the details with the other agency.

What Is Considered Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity Discrimination

If you have been fired because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, or if you have been demoted or given a less desirable schedule simply because of your gender identity or sexual orientation, then you have suffered workplace discrimination because of gender identity.

You have rights and protections and the law is on your side. You should gather everything and get a claim underway in a timely manner. You do have a limited time for pursuing a claim against an employer for workplace discrimination.

In Conclusion

If you have suffered workplace discrimination because of gender identity or sexual orientation, enlist the help of a workplace discrimination attorney. An employment attorney is familiar with the applicable state and federal laws and will help you gather supporting evidence and documentation.

Lawyers have helped thousands of workplace discrimination victims across the country. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form today to share your details with an employment law attorney.

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