Wrongful Termination Law Firms

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A wrongful termination law firm specializes in a type of employment law that involves holding an employer legally liable for unlawfully firing an employee.

Although a vast majority of employers operate under the at-will employment doctrine, they stay still must follow certain statutes when terminating a worker.

A wrongful termination attorney gathers and organizes evidence, such as employee performance records and documents that demonstrate several pay increases. Either a wrongful termination attorney settles out of court with an employer or files a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages.

What is Wrongful Termination?

The at-will employment doctrine allows both employers and employees to terminate an employment relationship at any time, and for virtually any reason.

However, an employer cannot break state or federal law when firing a worker. Employers must follow four federal laws that prevent acts of wrongful termination.

First, an employer cannot terminate a worker for discriminatory reasons. Second, workers are protected by a federal law that forbids retaliation.

Third, both employers and employees must honor the terms written into an employment contract. Finally, employers must follow every provision created for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

What Does a Wrongful Termination Law Firm Do?

An attorney representing a wrongful termination law firm provides several types of legal support for clients. If you are a victim of an act of wrongful termination, an employment lawyer conducts a comprehensive investigation that includes collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Physical evidence can include human resources documents, as well as the statements made by a manager on a social media site.

Text messages also represent compelling physical evidence for wrongful termination cases. Witnesses provide support for the physical evidence that your attorney gathers and organizes.

A wrongful termination law firm has two legal options: Negotiate a settlement or file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. Negotiating a settlement starts with your lawyer submitting an initial offer, which your former employer can accept, reject, or send back with a counteroffer.

Several rounds of counteroffers can ensue until both parties reach an agreement or both parties agree to move the case to the trial phase of the litigation process.

What is the Cost of Hiring a Wrongful Termination Law Firm?

The wrongful termination law firm representing you charges legal fees in one of three ways. Operating on a contingency fee basis means your wrongful termination attorney does not charge upfront legal fees, such as the fees required to file your lawsuit with the right civil court.

This means your legal counsel receives a percentage of the compensation that you obtain from your employer for wrongfully terminating you.

Your wrongful termination attorney also can charge legal fees by the hour. This type of fee arrangement can cost a lot more than if you decide to go with a lawyer who charges on a contingency fee basis.

Hourly fees can increase quickly, especially if your case requires a prolonged period to complete an investigation. Some litigators charge both an hourly rate and a contingency fee.

Get In Touch With a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Fighting back on your own against a former employer is difficult to do. Your former employer retains the services of a highly-qualified team of litigators to defend against charges of wrongful termination.

Balance the scale of justice by hiring a wrongful termination law firm to get the compensation that you deserve.

Most wrongful termination law firms schedule free case evaluations with potential clients to determine the best course of legal action.


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