Where Do I File A Massachusetts Employment Law Claim

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If your workplace rights have been violated and you want to file a Massachusetts employment claim here are the different agencies that you can file an employment law claim with in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office handles all violations of wages and hours. If you were not paid the amount that you should have been paid, or if your hours were misrepresented, or you have been the victim of wage theft you will need to file a complaint against your employer with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office.

To file a claim with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office you can go to the website and fill out the online form. However, you will need to submit supporting documents when you fill out your claim. You will need to have evidence to support your claim like pay stubs, a copy of your employer’s sick leave policy, time cards, your schedule, and any other documents that can support your claim.

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

If your employment law complaint isn’t wage related then you will need to file a claim with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. The MCAD investigates employment law violations that deal with discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and all other workplace rights violations.

To file a claim with MCAD you need to go to the website and follow the online prompts. When you submit your claim online you will also need to submit as much evidence as you can that proves your workplace rights were violated. You should include things like:

  • Documentation of your workplace rights violations
  • Photos and videos of harassment or bullying
  • Emails, notes, and any kind of written correspondence including text messages
  • Slack or Teams messages
  • Copies of the company’s sexual harassment and discrimination policies.

You can also include witness statements and other documents if you have them.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a Federal agency that investigates workplace rights violations in Massachusetts and in every other state. You can file a claim with the EEOC for any workplace rights violations like discrimination, retaliation, or wrongful termination.

The EEOC will also work with the state of Massachusetts if you have filed a state employment law violation report with a state agency to investigate your claim. You can file an employment law violation claim with the EEOC using their online portal, or you can file your claim at one of the EEOC offices in Massachusetts.

Speak With An Employment Law Attorney Helping Those In Massachusetts

It’s a good idea to speak with an employment law attorney in Massachusetts before you file your complaint. A Massachusetts employment law attorney can help you figure out what evidence you should submit with your claim and answer any questions you have about your specific situation.

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