Wrongful Termination Scenarios

Wrongful termination is more common than you would expect. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to figure out of your termination was illegal.

  • Was I forced to quit because I reported sexual harassment?
  • Was I terminated on account of my race?
  • Was I terminated for requesting workers' compensation?
  • Was I terminated for taking family leave?
  • Have I been terminated for seeking salaries owed to me?

If you were dismissed after blowing the whistle on criminal activities at work, such as safety breaches, theft, etc., you may have been wrongfully fired.

If you file a wrongful termination case collecting documents including salary stubs, work arrangements, corporate practices, plans, etc. would be in your best interest. Such paperwork will help validate your case and act as useful evidence.

Without an expert opinion, knowing that you were the target of wrongful firing can be difficult. Discussing possible wrongful firing with an employment law attorney is usually a smart idea. To decide whether or not you have a solid case to file against your boss, your attorney may gather evidence about your firing.