Miscellaneous Wage Theft Claims

Wage theft is widespread, and no group of employees, even workers who earn good salaries, is exempt. Union employees usually earn pay under an agreed contract, and the union will challenge any wage theft. Immigrant and native-born employees are sometimes cheated of their incomes, while low-wage workers are especially vulnerable.

To decide whether the failure to collect a paycheck was due to a processing problem or bank error, you might first wish to contact your employer for an explanation. Under this case, the employer and/or the bank can jointly agree to pay any extra costs you incurred as a result of this error. You may either speak directly with your boss or contact your department of Human Resources. This will also confirm that you are not liable for failure to file paperwork for the hours you worked.

Many states have regulations requiring employers to pay workers for all hours served, and requiring employers to pay employees, such as biweekly or semi-monthly, at frequent intervals. Such regulations may enforce fines on employees who do not comply with the legislation and may also arrange for criminal prosecution.

Under the FLSA, there are several distinct ways for an employee to reclaim overdue overtime wages; each procedure has numerous remedies such as back pay.