What Does An Employment Law Lawyer Do?

Employment lawyers help protect your rights if you have experienced discrimination or if your employer has acted in ways that break either or both state and Federal employment laws.

An employment lawyer can advise you what your rights are and assist you in filing a claim against an employer if those rights have been violated by your employer.

Part of an employment lawyer’s job is to make sure that employees are treated fairly and in accordance with the law regardless of their race, immigration status, gender, age, or religion.

If you are filing a claim against an employer an employment lawyer can help you gather evidence.

Employment lawyers can help employers make sure that they don’t violate state or Federal law by reviewing existing employee handbooks or helping to draft handbooks and policy statements. They can also represent employers with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

When Should I Hire an Employment Law Attorney?

Anytime that you have questions about whether or not your rights are being violated you should talk with an employment attorney.

If you’re not sure what the state and Federal employment laws cover an attorney can explain to you in detail what rights you have in the workplace.

You should also contact an employment attorney if you are experiencing any situations like these in your workplace:

  • You are being discriminated against because of your race.
  • You are being sexually harassed by a manager at your workplace or you are experiencing a toxic workplace environment because of harassment from co-workers.
  • You are being threatened or retaliated against because you filed a complaint or spoke up about behaviors you observed that violate the law.
  • You were unfairly terminated for what you think are illegal reasons.
  • You are not being given accommodations to practice your religion.
  • You are being given the worst shifts or being punished in other ways at work after you reported harassment.

It can be difficult to know if you are being targeted for harassment or retaliation because you reported discrimination or other abuses in the workplace but an employment lawyer can help you determine if that’s what is happening to you.

Why Should I Hire An Employment Law Attorney

You should contact an employment law attorney if your rights have been violated in the workplace. You have a right to work free from discrimination and harassment.

If you decide to file a claim against the employer an attorney who has experience in employment law can guide you through the complaint process and help you craft your claim so that your employer will be held accountable.

An employment lawyer can also advise you on how to gather evidence and what types of evidence will help support your claim.

The lawyer you choose can help you understand what your rights are as an employee and they can also advocate for you and represent your interests in a legal dispute.

Most people don’t contact an employment law attorney when they should because they think that getting legal help is too expensive.

But getting legal help isn’t as expensive as you probably think it is. Some lawyers work on an hourly basis, others charge a flat fee for an appointment.

Other lawyers work on a contingency basis which means that they don’t get any money until or unless you win a settlement against your employer either for damages or for back wages.

Then your lawyer will get a percentage or whatever that amount is. When you call an employment attorney ask them how they get paid and keep looking until you find one that works with your financial situation.

Maybe you can afford a small hourly fee, or maybe you can pay a flat fee for one appointment just to see if you should be filing a claim. If you are on a very tight budget a lawyer that works on a contingency basis can give you the help you need without a large up-front cost.

Get a Free Case Evaluation

If you have unfairly lost your job or if you’ve been a victim of discrimination or harassment at work you owe it to yourself to talk with an employment law attorney and find out what your rights are and what legal remedies are open to you.

If you were discriminated against it’s highly likely other people are experiencing discrimination at that workplace too, and if you stand up for your rights it can help your co-workers as well as help you.

Complete a free case evaluation today to be connected with an employment law attorney in your area.

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