List of EEOC Offices in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has two offices of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) where state workers can file a claim of discrimination against their employers.

You can file a claim with the Pennsylvania EEOC office in Philadelphia or file an EEOC claim in Pennsylvania at the Pittsburgh area office. Where you file an EEOC claim in Pennsylvania depends on the location of your employer.

The EEOC requires workers to file a discrimination complaint with a representative at the closest EEOC office.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the EEOC has temporarily shut down its offices around the country. This means you should access the EEOC online portal to schedule a phone interview to discuss your claim.

The convenient online portal allows you to select a day and time that works best for you. If the deadline for filing a discrimination claim is close to expiring, you should expedite the telephone interview process by calling 800-669-4000.

What Does the EEOC Do?

Created by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the EEOC enforces all federal discrimination laws. Criteria like age, color, religion, and disability cannot play a role in the hiring and firing decisions made by a Pennsylvania employer.

Employers cannot make any decision in the workplace based on the protected criteria listed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Many Pennsylvania workers want to know how many days do you have to contact the EEOC office in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. The answer is workers have 180 calendar days after the last act of discrimination committed by an employer to file a claim with the EEOC. The EEOC makes exceptions to the 180-day deadline rule in cases where state discrimination law matches the coverage of federal discrimination law.

How To File a Pennsylvania EEOC Complaint

If you are experiencing discrimination from your employer or if you have been wrongfully terminated and you want to file a complaint with the EEOC in Pennsylvania you have a couple of options.

The easiest option is to go to the EEOC’s website and start your complaint by creating an account. You can fill out the papers online or print them and complete them by hand. Then you can mail them to the local Pennsylvania EEOC office. You can also make an appointment at the local EEOC appointment and fill out the complaint form in person.

Documents You’ll Need When Filing a PA EEOC Complaint

Whether you are mailing in your complaint to the EEOC or filling it out in person at your local EECO office you should have these documents available to include with your complaint:

  • The name, address, and telephone number of the person who is being treated unfairly;
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the employer you are filing the complaint against;
  • A brief description of the event or events that you believe are unfair or harassing; and
  • The dates these events occurred.

It’s also a good idea to include as much documentation of what happened as you can get. Copies of pay stubs, your schedules if you are an hourly worker, any memos, emails, chat logs, or other paperwork that proves your case should all be included. Photos, videos, and eye witness statements are also good to include. Basically anything that helps prove your claim should be included with your claim.

How Do I Contact EEOC?

Philadelphia District Office

  • 801 Market Street, Suite 1000
  • Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Office Hours: M-F 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
  • Phone: 267-589-9700
  • Director: Jamie Williamson
  • Regional Attorney: Debra Lawrence

Pittsburgh Area Office

  • William S. Moorhead Federal Building
  • 1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1112
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
  • Phone: 800-669-4000
  • Director: Deborah Kane
  • Regional Attorney: Debra Lawrence

Pennsylvania Employment Laws

You can file a discrimination claim either with the EEOC or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC). The two government agencies have a work-sharing arrangement that allows each agency to share information.

This means that you can file a discrimination in the workplace claim with the EEOC and expect your information to go immediately to the PHRC. All you have to do is indicate that you want your claim cross-filed with the other government agency.

Pennsylvania discrimination law applies to employers that have a minimum of four employees. Since federal discrimination law covers employers that have at least 15 workers, you should file a discrimination claim with the PHRC if your employer has between four and 14 workers on staff.

Pennsylvania prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on several criteria, including age, race, gender, and disability. You can access more information about filing a discrimination claim in Pennsylvania by visiting the PHRC website.

Get a Free Case Evaluation

Knowing how persuasive your discrimination claim is before filing it can help you add more evidence if needed. An employment lawyer reviews your claim to see if it has any evidentiary holes. Your attorney also keeps you on track to file your discrimination claim before the 180-day deadline expires.

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