Age Discrimination Sample Letter

People should be able to work as long as they can, as long they are physically and mentally able to do so. There are some employers who think differently and even though it is illegal may discriminate against employees based on their age. The discrimination may be in the form of lower pay, no promotion or early termination.

Few employees are likely to be told directly why they have been discriminated against as most employees work on an ‘at will’ relationship with their employer. Discrimination at work because of someone’s age, however, is illegal. If you have been discriminated at work because of your age you should first write an official complaint letter to your employer.

This letter and any response(s) you receive may be useful if you intend taking your age discrimination complaint to the Equal Employment opportunities Commission (EEOC), equivalent state body or decide to sue your employer with the help of an employment lawyer.

What Should I Include in My Sample Discrimination Letter to the EEOC?

You have several ways to file a formal EEOC complaint, including in-person, over the phone, and via certified mail. Certified mail is a popular way to file a formal EEOC complaint because you receive verification in the mail that the EEOC received your complaint.

Sending a sample discrimination complaint letter to the EEOC can help you stop discrimination in the workplace, as well as provide you with the momentum you need to seek legal action against your employer.

A sample EEOC letter represents a signed statement that claims an employer has committed one or more acts of discrimination.
The letter includes a section describing in detail the act or acts of discrimination, as well as requesting the EEOC take some type of action to prevent future acts of discrimination.

You must send an EEOC complaint letter before you can file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. Describing the act or acts of discrimination includes the submission of persuasive evidence.

For a discrimination case, copies of performance reviews can give the EEOC insight into the value you provided your employer.

For example, if your performance reviews all include praise for your professionalism and work ethic, then maybe your employer illegally terminated you based on discrimination. Make sure to include your contact information, such as name, email, and phone number.

Many EEOC complaints require a follow-up interview conducted by a representative from the federal government agency. You also should include the contact information of your employer, as well as how many employees work for your employer.

Introduction of the Letter

In the introduction of the letter you should make certain things clear at the beginning which are:

  • your name;
  • date;
  • who you are writing to;
  • what the letter is about;


In the main body of the letter you should include the following:

  • State why you are writing this official letter. Use the term “discrimination” and say why you think you have been discriminated against. For example, use the term “age discrimination”.
  • State who has discriminated against you.
  • Describe examples of how the discrimination was experienced.
  • Date, time, locations of when you have been suffered discrimination.
  • If you have ever asked your supervisor or whoever has discriminated against you to stop, state that in the letter.
  • Include any evidence you have available.  


Make sure you explain that you want something done about the age discrimination.

What Is an Example of an Age Discrimination Sample Letter?


The Manager,

Human Resources,

Company X,

Somewhere City, USA,

9th November 2020.

Dear Manager,

I am a 55 year old employee of your company and have been working as an employee of yours for over seven years now. I am writing to complain that I have been discriminated against because of my age.

I feel I have been an excellent employee during the entire period I have been working for Company X. I have not taken any time off work because of sickness or family. I have always achieved the goals that have been set me. I have been punctual, reliable and efficient.

Despite all this, I have noticed that several younger employees have been promoted before me, even though they have not been employed as long as I have. Promotion means that they earn higher pay which I do not.

To add to my experience of age discrimination, I would like to report that my immediate supervisor, Mr. Smith, often refers to me in a derogatory manner, saying I should ‘retire,’ that I am ‘past it’ and ‘can’t keep up with the workload’. He does this quite regularly and it affects the way I feel about myself, even though I do not normally reply.

As Mr. Smith is my supervisor, he has the authority to promote me and other employees in his department. I am sure that it is Mr. Smith who is preventing my promotion deliberately because of my age and not because of my experience or ability to do a good job.

I am not the only employee who has experienced age discrimination who has worked for Company X. There are at least two other employees I know about who have left work who told me that they were discriminated against because of their age by Mr. Smith.

I have an audio recording of some of the things that Mr. Smith has said to me which can be provided if needed. I also have written statements from the two other employees who experienced age discrimination similar to the way I have been treated. I also have their contact details for confirmation as they are prepared to describe what happened to them and why they left your company.

At this stage, I do not want to resign as I enjoy working for your company. I would like to be treated like any other employee and my age not to be used against me when it comes to considering promotion and pay rate.

Sincere Regards,

Jennifer Johnson,

Employee at Company X.

Can I Get Help With My Age Discrimination Claim?

If your company has failed to address your complaints, you should fill out a Free Case Evaluation form today to get in touch with a lawyer that takes cases in your area. An attorney can help you craft a demand letter.

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