Remedies For Gender Discrimination

If you have been the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, you can pursue a claim against your employer.

You can be awarded compensation for the damages that you suffered because of the discrimination, such as lost wages, lost benefits, court costs, legal fees, and so forth.

You can recover both compensatory and punitive damages with a successful gender discrimination case with the help of an employment law attorney.

Causes Of Gender Discrimination

There are many causes for gender discrimination, and both men and women can fall victim to gender discrimination.

As an example, a woman who is working in a male-dominated workplace could fall victim to discrimination. A female who is highly qualified and experienced in the construction industry may apply for a supervisory role.

She may be turned down for that position and the job given to a less qualified male applicant simply because they do not want a woman in a supervisory position.

A man who is working in a role where women often prevail could also face discrimination. As an example, a man may be working in a housekeeping role in a condominium unit.

There is a management role becoming available and he applies for the position. When he goes for the interview, the person doing the interview asks why a man would want to oversee a female dominated position and then even further comments as to it is a woman’s job.

The management position was given to a female instead despite the male applicant being more qualified.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made gender discrimination illegal. The Act prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Violating the Act could result in harsh penalties and allows the victim to take legal action against the party responsible for the discrimination. You have resources available to help you if you have fallen victim to gender discrimination in the workplace.

Remedies For Gender Discrimination

If you have been the victim of gender discrimination, you should maintain supporting evidence and documentation.

Keep proof of the discrimination, which may include witness statements. You should keep your employment contract, employee handbook, memos, and any other correspondence or documentation that details what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.

When you file a claim against your employer you can claim a variety of damages. You will need to provide evidence that shows your losses.

You can receive back pay and front pay associated with your job or the promotion that you should have received.

You can receive lost benefits, which could include your out-of-pocket expense associated with any medical care you received after losing medical insurance associated with your work.

If you have been the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, you may suffer emotional distress and mental anguish.

An employment law attorney who handles gender discrimination claims can help you get your claim against your employer underway.

Your lawyer will gather supporting evidence and documentation and prove that your employer violated federal laws.

Sometimes the court may award punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant, or it can be used to make an example of them.

It is designed to deter similar behavior in the future. The amount of the punitive damages is determined by the jury. You can also recover legal expenses, such as court costs and attorney’s fees.

A lawyer will be able to determine the damages you suffered and the fair value of a settlement for you based on your specific situation.

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There is a time limit, which is called a statute of limitations, for pursuing a gender discrimination claim against your employer.

If you wait too long, you cannot recover your damages. You should enlist the help of an employment law attorney as quickly as possible.

An employment law attorney is familiar with the applicable state and federal laws and will know the best way to proceed with your claim against your workplace.

When you speak with an employment law attorney, be sure to ask about payment options. Some attorneys require a retainer to be paid while others will take cases on a contingency basis and only be paid when you win your claim.

If you have been the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, get your claim underway today.

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