Forced Resignation In New York

Were you forced to leave your job in New York for discrimination or other reasons? If you were forced to resign from a job in New York because you were a victim of discrimination or due to some other illegal reason(s), you may have grounds for a wrongful termination claim against your employer. You were probably not the only employee forced out of employment for an illegal reason. If you stand up for your rights and pursue a wrongful termination claim in New York, you may inspire others who were also forced out to do the same.

Can An Employer Force You To Resign In New York?

Many people think that they don’t have any way to fight back if they were fired or forced out because of an illegal reason. But this is not the case at all. If you were forced to resign or you were fired as a result of harassment, discrimination, or another tactic used by an employer to get you to leave, you can file a wrongful termination suit against that employer. 

In New York, the New York Human Rights Law and the Federal Civil Rights Act protect employees against wrongful termination by an employer or being forced to resign. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act says that no employer can discriminate against an employee because of their race, sex, religion, or where they were born. And the Supreme Court expanded that protection to include gender identity and orientation as well. 

This means that if you were fired or forced to quit because of your race or one of the other elements protected by Title VII, your employer could have to pay big state and Federal fines as well as paying you for your pain and suffering in addition to other damages. 

How To File A Wrongful Termination Claim Due To Forced Resignation 

If you want to file a wrongful termination claim because you were forced to resign due to harassment or discrimination, you need to speak to a New York wrongful termination lawyer first. A New York wrongful termination lawyer can help you decide what evidence you need to submit and how to build a case against your employer. 

Next, you need to speak to the New York Department of Labor and the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Your employer will face both a state and a Federal investigation. These organizations will investigate your claim and determine the next legal steps. They may sue your employer directly or they may award you a “right to sue” letter which tells the court there are grounds for a suit and you are thereby legally allowed to file suit against that employer. 

You will need to have as much evidence as possible to prove your case. Copies of emails, chats, IMs, and other documents, videos, witness statements, and other documentation will help you prove that you were unfairly targeted and forced to resign. 

Get Help With Your Claim 

To find out more about what evidence you need to prove your case and to get help with the process fill out the Free Case Evaluation on this page now and get connected to a New York employment attorney who can help you. 

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